Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The new look of bubblews make surprise all members

Today is Wednesday 16th of July 2014, and since noon bubblews appearance changed completely. So many friends bubblers that are confused by the new look, including my own.

a lot of new things and new features. But even more itur removed by bubblews management in view of its new website. I suspect, the loss of many features of the old bubblews view is that the server bubblews not too heavy so that the risk of error or offline which often occurs can be reduced or even disappear altogether.

 New Look of bubblews


 Old Look of bubblews

Hopefully with this new look, bubblews will be much better without error and without offline.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The More results I get from Bubblews

Until now I've done as much as 7 times the redemption process, for the first through sixth had the money I pull into my local bank account. While the seventh, just this morning and in the clearing entry into my paypal account, and is currently $ 59.24.

The money from my income to the six I used to buy a satellite dish to watch television at home, as long as the television is in my house very ugly picture and sound quality. I have a plan that the money from my income 7 and 8 will I use to buy a new laptop, so I can take it to the office and use it to play bubblews in office.

So with the new laptop I can play bubblews whenever and wherever. If you are interested I can generate revenue as in bubblews, immediately joining the bubblews community, please click here

My income in bubblews to date after redemption to 7


Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Proof of Payment from

Maybe there are still many who do not believe in bubblews website and considers that this website is a scam websites, websites that do not pay their members. I'm sure my friends who think so are my friends who are members bubblews, but probably because he inadvertently break the rules that have been set bubblews, so he delayed payments or unpaid.

To prove that bubblews website is not a scam website, here I will show a screenshot of the email I received from PayPal, your payment made in a clearing in my paypal account. And I have been getting six times payout of bubblews....

The first notification email

The second notification email

The third notification email

The fourth notification email

The fifth notification email

The sixth notification email

Than six times the process my redemption, I have managed to collect as much as $ 395.18

Hopefully my friends who do not believe and assume that bubblews website is a scam website, after seeing proof of payment of the above I can not believe that bubblews scam websites, and it would pay its members for its members did not violate rules set by bubblews.
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to Create an Account on Bubblews

Creating an account on bubblews very easy and does not require a long time , only about 1 to 3 minutes then your account is active and ready for you to use to log in bubblews account . You only need to enter the username you want, then a valid email , password , age , gender , location and website .All that I mentioned above you can fill up except the email , because you have to use the email that is still active . Then do not forget the username and password , as both are required to login to your account bubblews .Then you can insert your photo or any image up to you , which will be used as your profile picture . Layout and Header Color you can choose according to your taste , then do not forget to check the I agree to the terms and service , privacy policy and understand Bubblews is completely free and I will never be asked to pay a cent and last press the Create button . Done .

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Friday, March 14, 2014

How to Perform Redemption in Bubblews

For those of you who want to do a redemption in website bubblews, can be done easily, you press a button and the redemption will be brought to the redemption form. In this form your personal data will be required and if you are under 18 years of data it would appear that parents have to be filled, to payment options there are 4 options, namely:

1. Send me a check
2. Paypal
3. Visa gift cards
4. Buy me this

From 4 payment options above, I strongly recommend to use option number 2 is by paypal. For an explanation of each payment I will explain another time.

To perform a minimum redemption amount of the existing balance in your account bubblews is $ 50, and after you hit the redeem button then all your stats will go back to 0.

Redemption Form

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Bubblews is not a SCAM Site

I've been four times to press the green button with the word redeem bubblews on this website (sorry, this time I have not been able to provide examples of evidence of transfer of bubblews to my paypal), of the four times, which is three times already in the money into my paypal account, while the fourth is in the process (hopefully no obstacle), and also I see plenty of other friends who are already members bubblews redeem up to eight times even more.

So I can make sure that the website is not a scam website bubblews, so friends who have not signed up as a member do not worry. As long as I know as long as I followed the internet and online business programs on the internet, have not been before I get the money actually real like in bubblews, so friends who want to register can click here

Saturday, March 8, 2014

My First Posting on Bubblews

My first article is about on facebook, why I wrote about in bubblews facebook? Because before bubblews know, I often use facebook, but as long as I know I do not look at facebook or do not find anything special or specific, especially for my facebook can not make money, not like bubblews. Until now I have 3 times the amount of money redeem $ 200 more.

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